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Uncommon Situations

In the unfortunate event that a fight occurs, the officials should make every effort, short of physical contact, to prohibit the fight from continuing or escalating. Do not touch, hold or grab players—both for your own safety and for liability concerns. The ECO (if a registered official) and/or the Alternate Official shall monitor the benches and help the crew determine the number of players involved in the incident. The officials shall determine which player(s) will be disqualified as well as identifying bench personnel who leave the confines of the bench during a fight as they will also be disqualified.


Ejection Protocol

Immediately after an ejection or fight in a game, take the following measures:

     -document the events and report the information to Victor Valentine, President of MBOA at 251 377-2910 and Bill

      Wiggins, District     

      Director at 251 605-4130.

     -complete an ejection report on the website using the password ahsaa7325. (Please ask for assistance if

      needed in completing the ejection report.) 



See below for more detailed information on Ejections and Unsportsmanlike behavior from the AHSAA state rule book. 



SECTION 17. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT. A student or coach who has been found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct in an interscholastic contest, or who has been penalized for a serious offense or rule violation by expulsion from a contest because of unsportsmanlike conduct, may be suspended by the Executive Director from participating for the remainder of the season in that sport. A student or coach found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct may be disqualified for the remainder of the season. Note: It is the expectation of the AHSAA that all athletes and coaches display excellent character and sportsmanship during awards presentations. Failure to respond accordingly will result in a monetary fine and possible probation and/or suspension. Note: Destruction of any host facility or part of a host facility during an AHSAA contest or event shall be considered flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct.



SECTION 18. CONDUCT RULE/EJECTION PENALTIES. Penalties for coaches and players ejected from one or more contests are as follows: First Ejection: A $300 fine (An athlete’s fine can be reduced to $100 if the athlete being ejected takes the online NFHS Captain’s Course and payment is made within 10 days of the date of the ejection.) (NFHS Captain’s Course can only be taken one time per sport in a student’s athletic career.) If the ejection is due to NFHS contest rules and does not result in unsportsmanlike conduct, only the ejection will be assessed. An ejection for unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a fine. Second Ejection: A one-game suspension and a $500 fine Third Ejection: Minimum penalty of a suspension for the remainder of the season plus a $750 fine.


Note: All fines are due within 30 days. 

Leaving The Bench Ejection: If players come off the bench onto the court or field and are ejected under National Federation rules, they will also be suspended for 20 percent of the team’s total number of regular season contests. (Note: In sports where tournament games count toward the maximum number of games allowed [basketball, baseball, football, etc.], each game played counts toward the 20%. In sports where maximum number of games allowed does not include tournaments, [softball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, etc.], a tournament would count as one contest except in championship play where the suspension would be in effect contest by contest.

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