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Training & Education


Information about training and education will be posted on this page as it becomes available. Members may always reference our handbooks & downloads at any time. In addition, we have also included some useful videos to help with rules and mechanics.

Our training committee is dedicated to helping each official rise to his or her potential on the court via clinics, videos, lecture and demonstrations.  

                 MBOA Training Committee Members

                     Ryan Campbell 

                     Stephen Newhouse


Scroll down for additional training videos.

officials training.jpg


The MBOA Training Department will host trainings soon. Gym training for newer Officials will be held on January 24th 2021 at Davisdson High School at 5 pm. Our trainings are designed with you in mind to develop the best Official you can be. Come join us and improve your game skills and abilities.

           Certification Exams are Closed for the 2020-21 Year
           2020 Basketball Online Classification Exam Jan 10-13th 



Block Charge Play
Behind the scenes with an NBA officiating crew
Designated spot throw in after a foul
Fitchburg State Flagrant Foul
Great Positions on C
How to Referee Screens in Basketball
Illegal Screen
Three Man Mechanics Pt 2
Start the Game on the Right Track
Basketball Penalties & Signals
Three Man Mechanics Pt 1
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